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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
candidate, gary johnson. the former governor of new mexico talks about his view of the tea party system and obstacles for third-party candidates. from "washington journal", this is 40 minutes. >> we are now with gary johnson, the former governor of new mexico. 1995 to 2003, the libertarian presidential nominee and gary johnson's first question, when you look at the major party candidate in this year's cycle, what is missing in the debate and dialogue and what you bring to the table? >> well, how about the truth, for starters, the notion that both obama and romney are arguing over who is going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion on how we/medicare spending. i believe we will find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapse as a result of borrowing and spending money to the tune of 43 cents of every dollar that we have spent. >> what is your prescription? >> we took it from a fee-for-service model to a managed care model and hundreds of millions of dollars were saved, i believe, if the federal government would have block printed the state
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
10 bair is part of the big banks and is sold out in moscow and have the big ipo in mexico. you have to banks in poland moving to eastern europe but with your answer on asia. >> we had the opportunity with all the elements of the strategy to have the competitive advantage we knew the market with term may end operations with the structures that has competitive a vantage. then we go to the polish markets also in terms of diversification we divest with russia because the markets decided but the ipo with mexico follows the idea to put it into market first of all, you have market pressure so they haft have the quarterly results and rethink without pressure there is too many positives. with those cases button with capital and opportunity to raise capital in the area we think is more favorable. now to raise capital in spain with the economic crisis. but 25% of mexico is considerable to give us access to capital we see adverse circumstances we weren't able to boost the core capital. to have. >> i have a general comment. when you have the restrictive of the policies borrowed -- the monetary p
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will they develop it? after a long negotiation deny this season mexico reached a ground-breaking agreement with gas and oil resources in the gulf of mexico and we will send it to congress reaction. it lays out how the united states and mexico will manage the resources that transcend the maritime boundaries. with energy diplomacy we're focused on the second area of the engagement from helping to promote and new energy solutions including energy efficiency to meet demand and diversified and address climate change. the transformation is central to control carbon emissions. it is strong 21st century economy. we know energy transformation cannot be accomplished from government alone. fable made $15 trillion of investment to transmit electricity. governments will provide some of it it comes from the private sector which is a huge opportunity as well as a challenge. i want to make sure american workers and companies are competing for those projects. there leaders across the field of energy renewable, high tech, energy of restructure, and in the coming decades american companies should do more business wor
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a small small stream and put them back in the gulf of mexico. that is a small business and it is affiliated to the larger parent company. >> moderator: congressman, one minute. speed i would tell you i am very concerned you continue to koret presenters of the dow's understand you are not certified or registered in the state of florida and that means you're kind of misleading people as far as your credentials and that is a big concern that i have to read we have to be truthful with people and let them know that our qualifications. but, when it comes to small business, i sat on the small business committee. every single person that comes up there, we have to give them stability with our tax code. that is what i voted on. as a matter of fact we're talking about flat tax and we cannot continue to look if we raise taxes on the top two brackets, which is something that is a big concern, 33, to 39.6. that will kill small business. will affect 2.1 million small businesses in the united states of america. that is the federation of independent businesses. we have to provide them
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the mexico round of polls interested to sew if the debate has in fact reset that campaign in terms of these numbers. now you heard a lot about the pathways. that was -- [inaudible] pathways to the 270 electoral votes and how president obama probably has more pathways to that or easier aways of putting that together because it built an advantage in the blue state/red state differences than romney has. let me make a couple of points on this. i'll give you a sense of what it is. start with the obama 237 and you add florida had is 29, he's at 266. and would need any one of the other states to get to 270. if you start again with the 237, and you give romney ohio but you dr you give romney florida but obama ohio. he's at 2 a and obama would need two other states as long as one of them isn't new hampshire in this case. new hampshire has only four e lekial votes. now i'll comment on this. these states are pretty much all very close. and although the campaigns target one state against each other and the odds are targeted to the states. if there's a universal shift, they all could move three
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and chile is doing fine in brazil is a slowdown, but will make inconsistent investments in mexico also rethink is doing quite well. so our neighbors to the south to a better job of fiscal deficit, better job of monetary policy and create jobs out there. so we should help as much as we can on the trip problem happening. >> implicit in a lot of this -- a lot of which are seen as one actor wrestle the united states associate is so let's turn inward. how worried are you and how much are you planning for the fiscal cliff? >> that's a big deal to win the euro zone crisis happens in the debt ceiling crisis, we spend 50 to $100 million because of the complexity in global financial markets if you had a real failure. the fiscal cliff isn't quite that because it's more predictable, but we have a fiscal cliff, command center and all that kind of stuff going through to understand all of it. will be prepared. jpmorgan survived the fiscal cliff and i just think it's terrible policy to allow us to get close. the reason i think if that is because i read the papers and someone said it's not that bad. ju
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to become a biology instructor. [laughter] some places where republicans picked great candidates like mexico and florida was a disappointment but democrats had 53 seats and republican have 47 so republicans made a three seat net gain if they win the presidency and vice president paul ryan would break the tie and four seats if they don't. republicans will win nebraska ben nelson's democratic seat so effectively it is 50-48 so republicans need two or three seats after you factor in nebraska. or attend tossups, five democratic in five republican i think the day after the election, don't think we will be sure who will be in the majority in the senate. i would give democrats a little bit of an edge with 10 races that are effectively within three points and one thing about the senate race is on election day in the nephew take out the way the elections like 06 and i wait for democrats, 2010 for republicans they -- two-thirds had to break one way or the other like dominos and they tend to break more one way or the other wherever that last -- >> because the race is so close. >> with this group in 06,
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
plead% be enough in new mexico where the looking at this every year. once -- once we reach that point of course we're going to stop. >> some of this stuff you would agree with and some you don't. >> well, i don't know that i disagree with -- >> and i would like you to answer. the argument based on facts. the game is just too small using a racial -- you don't need more. so how do you answer the argument as being too small? >> first, consideration of race has increased racial diversity. that is page 138. secondly airport to the fact that african american hispanic submissions did not increase. so this has had an important impact on diversity of the university. >> in terms of diversity, how do you justify all asian-americans? de have a critical mass of filipino americans? >> the common formula that is used, country of origin. >> do you have a critical mass? >> your honor, we have looked to whether or not we have a critical mass which is precisely what this is and asked us to do. if -- >> a jurisdiction. >> before you get to that. suppose you identified a numerical category, numerical stan
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and she just turned 14. she had been writing and came back from two weeks in santa fe, new mexico. an educational two weeks for a child. [inaudible] >> if you are not for others, no one will be for you. if you are for others, you will be for you. now or never. i would say the relevancy to you, because giving is probably not something you can afford to do now. you are in a competitive world today. one of the things you should do is hopefully you want to add your own initiatives. at a minimum to improve your stance in the world is to try to find community activities that you can get back to to distinguish your resume from the next person. it is people like me are getting resumes every day in this difficult economic environment. from high class standing people. 800 sats, they are looking for jobs. what you have to do is find a hook on your resume and show a high sense of community service. when i interview people, basically, the desire and commitment to be the best, a strong work ethic. here i am introducing a legend. you know, the legends do something different. you know, these are
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. nevada, new mexico, and new jersey, maybe virginia, of course, maybe oh. i think they become central and i think it will be hard for us in washington to sort of remind ourselves they are more important than what happens in the leadership in the house and the senate. one tiny caf yet i wrote it a couple of weeks ago. everyone assumes the republicans will hold the house. of course. i'm not certain about that. i think -- my only lek trail campaign point i would make it's a guess and analytical guess. i think people are underestimating the variance of outcomes that can still happen. i don't buy the argument we are locked in a 51-48 race either way. i think it can be a seven-point victory. i'm not sure romney can't break it open. if he gets a 53-47 if it's possible. entomb ahead by three or four points. he could win by six, it's not out of the question. i'm not sure republicans hold the house. i know, the republicans are wouldly confident. the democrats don't think they can take it back. if you do the math you lose the house, and i think you could have more turmoil, that would be big, i t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10